August Chasing Challenges: Meet Kelsey Simms

I saw Kelsey on Instagram from one of the (way too many) profiles I follow. I’d like to say I remember what account it was that talked about her, but it’s Friday night as I’m writing this post, I’m currently already into my glass of wine, and I’m wearing a tank top that reads “No mas today”–so I think you’ll forgive me for this one.

I started Chasing Challenges after reflecting on some of my own challenges I was pursing. I also really love all the stories I see every day in my feed, in articles on the internet, and even in person. I wanted to be more involved in those stories. It’s been a learning process, and although my first interview was in May, this one jumped over a few months.

Kel decided she was going to summit fourteen 14ft-ers all by the end of this summer, having never done anything like this before nor even hiked a 14ft-er. Some of these she even braved by herself (something I’m not ashamed to admit I haven’t accomplished psyching myself up to yet). I really loved how she made the decision of what she wanted to do despite not having the experience or knowing how it would go; she still went after her goals anyhow.

I immediately sent her an PM asking if I could feature her here. Luckily for me, she said yes! Read on to hear about her epic summer journey. Read More

May Chasing Challenges: Meet Jennifer McAmis

I am very excited to introduce RWF’s very first Chasing Challenges interview (drum roll inserted here). Meet Jennifer McAmis! An all-around inspiring, talented, and friendly girl.

I met Jennifer through Sweat Pink (you’ll likely see a lot more interviews from its members), and have enjoyed seeing her take on even more challenges since she first did this interview. Jennifer is an outdoor enthusiast–she rock climbs, canyoneers, hikes, slacklines, goes camping under the stars and so much more.

Her belief in the magic of the outdoors is so strong, she recently joined Explorer Chick Co.  as their Chief Marketing Officer.

But today our interview is on a different challenge. Read on to learn about Jennifer, and her 30 by 30 Challenge. Read More

Chasing Challenges

Why do people seek out challenges? Humans have been chasing this intangible desire since Prometheus decided they deserved fire*. There is a burning hot drive within the human species to go beyond the normal abilities practiced in everyday life; even when whatever that may be changes with people, place, and time. Read More