Stewardship In The White Mountains: AT Thru-hikers and Camp Life

I’m not sure what I imagined when I first considered this trip. I know I imagined it would be somewhat uncomfortable. Somewhat of a culture shock, having to be so far away from all the amenities that I have become so accustomed to. I was nervous about having to dig a hole in order to go to the bathroom. Let’s be real, it’s not something anyone particularly looks forward to. And I was nervous about filtering water. There is something about drinking unclear, slightly brown water that anyone who is use to drinking clean, fresh tap water automatically cringes away from.

But the news that we were to camp up at the shelter changed all that completely. Read More

Stewardship In The White Mountains: Hike to Lonesome Lake Hut

Imagine ten women (eight of which have no backpacking experience) strapping on backpacks full of all the normal gear plus shared food, kitchenware and tools, and tackling the rock scrambles of New Hampshire for the first time. Then imagine that again, but with rain.

I had no hat to speak of, though there was one sitting smugly in my Jeep back at AMC’s Camp Dodge, which I talked about in my first post. I had a rain jacket, of course. An old EMS one I bought in 2009, that was starting to peal off in places, but worked non-the-less. I wasn’t wearing it, though. Instead, rain poured down on me soaking my t-shirt, shorts, and underwear through. It rolled down my hair, flowing from my side bangs so that my vision was a frightening mix of dark brown hair, water, and unfocused trail in front of me.

Before the rain hit us the weather was the opposite. Read More

Women’s White Mountain Spike Trail Crew With AMC

I joined the Appalachian Mountain Club a few months ago, in anticipation of being able to be active again. After which, I searched obsessively through the various events for things I could participate in. Although organizations like AMC have existed since before we started using the internet, I am often very thankful for the opportunities being connected digitally can bring to us.

It was through AMC that I found a week volunteer trip in New Hampshire, a women’s spike trail crew vacation. Although I was instantly intrigued, at first I dismissed it. I didn’t have all the gear I would need, after all; tent, backpack and work clothes. The White Mountains are also a pretty decent haul up north from central New Jersey–around 8 hours. I just purchased a Jeep Renegade in the fall. So did I really want to put that many miles on my brand new car? Read More