52 Hike Challenge: Hike No.9 Terrace Pond, Wawayanda State Park

I was running 20 minutes late, and I was never going to make it. That was what I was thinking as I texted the group of other hikers as I got into my car to drive to the trail head.

For hike 9 of my 52 Hike Challenge I ended up finally meeting up with who I knew only as Zezefox on Instagram, and a group of other fellow Instagrammers she had invited. I’m pretty behind in posting ever on this blog, so this was actually completed on October 9th.

This was the first time I’d ever meet up with anyone from Instagram. Hell, until August I hadn’t even followed a lot of outdoor people around my specific area (I know, crazy, right?). Then after my camping trip with REI in Sandy Hook I suddenly realized I was missing out.

Lucky for me, other people were running just as late. We hiked Terrace Pond in Wawayanda State Park, which is also hike #13 in the guide 50 Hikes in New Jersey book by NYNJ Trail Conference. The trail ought to be 4.5 miles in total, but we may have hiked a little more than that. You can check out the official government website here, or there are two map variations here and here. However, we followed the guide, and I can’t really find where the pond is on these maps. I do see the circular train on the first one, however.


Above you can see the swamp area we passed along part of the trail. The hike includes a claimed 350 feet in vertical rise, as well as some rock scrambling and a glacial lake. The hike was interesting because of some scrambling and spots, but not too challenging. It’s rated as a medium difficulty hike, but I would say it’s on the lower end especially if you’ve been hiking for a little while.








I’m just gonna stand here and ponder important things.


All in all, it was a really fun hike that I would definitely recommend. If you allow more time, you could explore around the lake more as well. We didn’t have the time to do that during this hike, but I’d love to see the lake from other view points.

Some probably not 100% accurate stats from tracking my hike with my Fitbit Blaze (which kept pausing itself or ending the hike):







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