52 Hike Challenge: Hike No.7 Tourne Park, NJ

On Wednesday 9/7 I joined in my second only Meetup hike. The hike was among is a series of after work hikes (though this would be my 1st), and as it was at 6 p.m., it was perfect timing for me to head over straight after work.

Except, life never works so perfectly, right? As I drove to my destination, time ticked away as if bleeding minutes. Soon, I watched as my ETA became 6:10. Then 6:15. Why does traffic have to be so sucky?

I messaged the Meetup event, but I already knew from the ETA of my iPhone–I was not making it in time. I continued on, and the hike leader Shawn agreed to wait for me. Only one other person was there (despite many people RSVP-ing).

It took me a few wrong turns, and some extremely patient directions from the trip leader to get me to the correct parking lot of Tourne. It was closer to 6:30 p.m. at this point then the original 6 p.m. start time.

After introductions, we started on our way. I generally start up my Fitbit Blaze and track my hikes if I remember to. Not long into our hike, a runner stopped and asked if we were “that hiking group”.  I hesitated before answering; after all, it is a park so there surely could be more than one hiking group. The leader seemed to recognize him, and after he asked if he could join in.

It was starting to get dark pretty fast, and I wasn’t able to get any pictures in other than my snazzy post-it note on a rock (award winning, isn’t it?). The hike was an easy-going, 4 mile hike without much difference in elevation.

We kept a good pace, despite keeping up conversation. The leader Shawn talked some about future plans for the hikes. The park did have quite a lot of mountain bikers, but it was a pretty park (from what I could see in the mostly dark).

When we finally finished the hike, I had a fun, near heart attacking looking for a gas station–since I was already beyond the you-need-gas-light even before getting to the parking lot of the park. Luckily, testing the bounds of exactly how much warning Jeep gives you before really running out of gas didn’t end terribly. I’d say it was a lessons well learned, but I’m pretty sure I just did the same this past weekend, too.

Hike Stats:


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