First Look: Teva Arrowood Lux WP

Hiking shoes and boots are always a never-ending struggle. Mid-length for ankle support or regular shoe? Waterproof or not waterproof? Regular size or size up? The questions hikers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts ask when it comes to shoe wear is never-ending. As a female, I am not ashamed to admit I care about aesthetics as well. Thus my arrival to purchasing this little number.

Teva isn’t a hiking shoe company, but they are well-known for their sandals among outdoor enthusiasts. 

Recently they came out with something very new: mid boots and sneakers for hiking. They are waterproof and made with their Float Lite material. Teva claims these babies to be “ultralight and durable”.  It’s certainly a new take on this type of product. Targeting those obviously concerned about looks, the Teva Arrowood collection is probably the sexiest hiking boots and shoes you’ll ever find.

I really wanted to take the plunge and commit to one of them, since after my White Mountains trip I realized my hiking boots I got years ago as a gift were a half size too small. However, it’s hard to lay down cash for gear that isn’t very tested yet. Sure Teva says they are mountain ready, but what if behind that pretty face underneath there is much less substance?

After obsessing over different boots, as well as eyeing my calendar of upcoming 52 Hike Challenge events, I finally decided to get the ankle-length variation of the Arrowood. I’ve long wanted a pair of hiking shoes that could be used for day hikes and camping and these seemed a good fit for that.

Color decision was rather hard (I’m a girl, what do you want?). The black color in the lower level variation of the shoe would certainly go with everything, but eventually I decided on the Cognac color, as it was my favorite. I purchased a size 7. I am normally a 6 1/2, but I wanted to accommodate thicker socks as well as allow some room for my toes to not be smushed when hiking downhill.

The real question is, will the Arrowood hold up to camping and day hikes? Well, I’ll be completing hike No.8 of my 52 Hike Challenge Wednesday, as well as camping this weekend with a Meetup group–so check back here for a review at the end of September.


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