Gear Review: Flow Fold Minimalist Outdoor Wallet

Flow Fold is a American based company in Maine that designs simple, lightweight yet durable wallets and bags. Their wallets are made with high performance racing sail cloth, and ballistic nylon webbing.

I first found Flow Fold in Brooklyn, NY during the pop-up American Field event in the fall. This event hosted many great American based outdoor companies such as Cotopaxi, United By Blue, and more.

Let’s Do This

I finally decided to give them a try, and although they offer a few different sizes, two weeks ago I purchased their Minimalist wallet. The Minimalist features a very small, one pocket wallet that according to the company can fit bills + 8-10 credit cards or 35-40 business cards. This little guy costs a minimal amount, too, at only $12 with shipping.

The Minimalist arrived in a letter envelope, which is quite tangible proof to Flow Fold’s claim of how thin this guy is. I purchased the Ultraviolet color, which is a mix of purple and pink that they do state varies; I would have liked a tad more pink in the wallet all-the-same.

Still, I love this thing. It’s small, sleek and modern looking, and doesn’t get in your way. I’m not a minimalist myself by any means, but I do appreciate keeping my life organized and efficient. This Minimalist certainly helps do this.

Let’s All Get Rid Of All Our Stuff–Or Not

If you’re one of those people who have a thousand cards and carry a lot of physical cash on you, the Minimalist is probably not for you. I rarely carry a lot of cash on me, as I use my debit card or Apple Pay much more often. I also do not carry around physical checks; again, my main checking account is online only, and how often do you use those ancient paper devices?

With how far technology is advancing to make spending so much easier for us (nice of them, isn’t it?), carrying around a lot in your wallet is just not as necessary for a lot of people anymore. Even reward cards aren’t necessary to carry around. Often, you can add them to your smart phone, or just use your phone number to look them up. Why make your wallet crazier than it has to be, right?

It’s these things that make the Minimalist so much easier to use than it might have been in the past. And with a wallet this small, I have no problems slipping it into my coat pocket to go out to lunch during work, or switching up my purse for a wristlet at night to go out for drinks. Which means you won’t be showing up to work on Monday with a wallet that is empty, because you forgot to switch your cards back (you know what I’m talking about, girls).

Have a backpacking trip this weekend? Just slip this tough guy in your front pocket of your backpack, or in your back pocket. Weighing a mere .04 ounces, there is a good chance your cards will be heavier than this guy. In fact, Flow Fold’s wallets are so lightweight, they actually float. I did a simple test in a kitchen sink to see how well this would hold true, and it was pretty legit.

The Fine Print


Although I can appreciate the size of the Minimalist, with a vertical opening and no closure I do worry my cards could fall out if not enough items are in this wallet. What’s more, when I do have a lot in the wallet it stretches the opening to the size of the items, and doesn’t retain its original shape after a while; making it all the more likely something could pop out if you remove an extra card or spend some of that hard-earned cash. Especially if you dropped it off the canoe, and were hoping to retrieve said floating wallet. However, not having a closure makes it a lot easier to access what you need in order to buy your next Margarita, so I’ll be keeping an eye on my stuff to see if this issue has any real cause for worry.

I have very little inside this wallet, and although I could see you being able to fit in as much as Flow Fold says it fits, let’s face it: you would be buying the Minimalist to be, well, minimal. You couldn’t cram bills and 8 cards in there without it feeling a tad bulky.

Let’s Round It Up

My Opinion: A winner, but I might try out more of their wallets to compare.

In My Minimalist: 4 credit-card size cards, 2 business cards, car insurance card, 5 bills

Pros: Lightweight, floatable, water-resistant, minimalist, snazzy colors.

Cons: No closure make it easy to get to, but not as secure. Not for those who carry a lot of shit.

Where you can find this sucker:


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