BioLite’s BaseLantern Kickstarter Campaign

BioLite is a company that forges unique, innovative products which aren’t afraid to think outside the box. Their products revolve around the outdoors, including things such as camping stoves and lighting. But they don’t stop there. Biolite takes the gear that has always been needed in the wilderness and added on modern needs as well: energy.

Enter BaseLantern, the newest of their line. The BaseLantern tackles the need for a large, core lighting source yet slims it down to be far more manageable, packable, and–despite this–even more useful. For BaseLantern can also charge your electronics.

Photo by Biolite

Lighting Your Campsite

This lantern is slim; weighing from 1.31 lbs for the regular size to 1.42 lbs for the XL size. The lantern can run in low, medium, or high settings. It can be connected to their already existing product, the SiteLight. These little SiteLights feature 2 small lights connected with a skinny chain which can wrap inside itself. They also connect together via a magnet.

Both the BaseLantern and the SiteLights will be able to be controlled through a new iOS and Android app from BioLite, which will be developed according to the KickStarter roughly in June.

The app brings a whole new level to lighting a campsite, as you will be able to monitor energy levels and visually see what adjustments affect your battery life. It also allows you to set things like strobing, colors, and a pretty neat proximity feature. Walk within 100ft or less of the BaseLantern with your phone in tow and the lights will turn on to welcome you back. You’ve heard of a smart home, but now you can have a smart camp.

The burn time on the light is claimed to be crazy good on low, with the XL producing a whomping 114 hours of light. The BaseLantern gets an equally impressive 54 hours. You can pretty much have your weekend get-a-way covered with this thing. And it won’t take up any more space than a sandwich.

Photo by Biolite


Charging Devices

There are some people who argue you should be unplugged to wander around in the wilderness, but the RWF blog is definitely not a place you’ll hear that. In fact, I love technology so much I’m also now writing about it on (and have no qualms with that shameless self-promo insert).

Being able to charge electronic devices when away from outlets just makes sense for outdoor lovers. You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to, but if you do want to products like the kind BioLite produces now make it far more possible.

It also gives a much bigger sense of security knowing should you need help, you have things that can possible charge a dying or dead phone.

The BaseLantern will be able to charge an iPhone 6 up to 4x, and with the BaseLantern XL that jumps to 6 charges. Have a Fitbit Flex? The company claims you can charge that 200x on the BaseLantern or 300x on the XL. You’d probably have to do a hella lot of running to need that many recharges, but hey I won’t judge. The numbers look impressive, and that’s what counts.

Speaking of numbers, keep in mind the above estimates don’t include using the BaseLantern as a–cough–actual light, which surely you will be doing. But given the amount of mAH in these puppies (7800 for the BaseLantern and 12000 for the XL), you should have no problem charging up your phone and seeing that pair of Aces in your hands during your next camp poker night.

The biggest question then follows: what do you think of this new variation of a base camp lantern? 



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