Just Another 2016 Goals List

It’s 2016 (I know, news flash!), and I’m not sure if I would have started writing this post if I haven’t seen a bunch of similar ones from fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors. Don’t know SPA? You can check that out here. Once I got thinking about it, I realized it would be really cool and hopefully encouraging to see in 2017 what I did manage to accomplish from this new year. Or to see how my goals and wants might have changed over the year–something that is always possible, and totally OK.

Looking back at 2015, around the summertime in August, I suddenly had the epiphany that all the fun stuff I say I want to do, but then complain I don’t have someone to do it with, was really in my reach.

I’ve been wanting to take hiking, camping, learn backpacking, and do more races than I had been previously. And I was 32. What was I waiting for, exactly? This is the age of the social networks, after all. So I decided to take the plunge and find some online groups to get going.

You might know from my post on What I Learned From My Running Injury that this came to a crashing holt. I had plans on:

  1. Hiking almost every close park in my area of  New Jersey
  2. Starting the 52 Hike Challenge
  3. Trail running on a regular basis
  4. Snowshoeing
  5. Winter hiking

But I’m not too upset over not accomplishing any of that. I did do my first trail race, and though I was injured, I’ve learned it’s something I am going to really, really love. I was also so impressed and touched with how huge of a community event these local races are! I did the Wanderlust 108 in Brooklyn in September, and although it was a blast, it’s not the small, community turnout in the way a race like the HashAthon trail race was.

So, that leads me to what my goals for 2016 are.

  1. Once healed, start the 52 Hike Challenge for reals this time.
  2. Enter in a 5K (at least) for The North Face Endurance Challenge in Hunter Mountain, NY.
  3. Trail running on a regular basis.
  4. Volunteer (1 weekend a month) for trail maintenance for the NPS starting in April until November.
  5. Do something fun with a Jeep community (I just got a Renegade in the beginning of November).
  6. Enter in the Questival 24 hour race by Cotopaxi (I’ll be posting more on this to be sure).
  7. Go camping at least 2X in the year.
  8. Try indoor rock climbing.
  9. Go backpacking for the first time.

Ok, that looks pretty good to me! That is a pretty tall list, but I am up for it!

What are your goals for 2016??


4 thoughts on “Just Another 2016 Goals List

    1. Thank you Alyse! My dad retired last April, so I am going once at least sometime before June with him. Then will probably try to convince some friends to go, too. My friends and I use to go every year for a long time, but recently just everyone has gotten much busier and it’s been harder.


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