LuluLemon Review: Spring Break Away Shorts (4 Way Stretch)

When I first saw the Spring Break Away Shorts, I knew that I would love them. I held off at first, but eventually gave in. As a girl with an hourglass figure who is about to be 32 years old, I don’t really look for the short shorts anymore. I look for the cute shorts that I can also feel comfortable and secure wearing. I ended up actually buying the 4 Way Stretch version first, in the maroon color. Eventually I went back for these.

Official Stuff:

Overall Thoughts:

These are the perfect go-to shorts for summer, travel, or even hiking. They are really comfortable, versatile in that they can be dressed up or down, and don’t wrinkle too badly. Even if they do wrinkle, the loose style makes it less obvious than other shorts.

I actually love the fit and style of these shorts so much, I would buy many, many colors if I had the money for it.

How I Tested Them:

I’ve worn these shorts out to a bar, to the beach, and on a trip to Tennessee in July. I even will admit I wore them 2 times during the trip (without washing). I’m not a big fan of packing a ton of clothes, so I like clothes that can be worn for multiple days so long as they didn’t get dirty or I didn’t use them for heavy exercise.

Swift Fabric:

Great! Two thumbs up, Lulu. The 4 Way and 2 Way shorts do have different material: one says “Swift” the other “Swift Ultra”.

(2 Way) Swift is described as: “Strong and light, this fabric is woven to stand up to watever we throw at it–we love it for its no-bulk, no-nonsense performance.”

(4 Way) Swift Ultra is described as: “Woven for strength and no-bulk performance, this four-way stretch fabric moves with us and stays out of our way.”

What’s the difference? Well, I can tell you the black pair I have feels much different than the maroon pair (which is 4-way). The maroon has a smoother feel and look to it.

Fit + Function:

I bought my normal LL size for bottoms, a 6. They fit perfect. A looser fitting style short.

The pocket in the shorts is nice, but I found that putting my phone in it made the shorts too heavy, and pulled down on them too much for my comfort. Others might not feel the same, however, and it wasn’t really something that was of major importance to me.


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