LuluLemon Review: Iconic Wrap

So I couldn’t resist the Iconic Wrap when I saw it on “We Made Too Much” sale in my local Lulu store. I’ve read other reviews commenting about the size and fit of this wrap on their website, and thought I’d do a review for you guys as well.

Official Stuff:

Overall Thoughts:

Beautiful looking, versatile piece. I am really happy this sweater went on sale! Although I do get hot at times (indoors) when wearing it over my head–as opposed to just with my arms in the sleeves–it’s a comfortable, pretty, and useful sweater. Worth the original price? Probably not, for me. But on sale it was definitely worth it.


Boolux Fabric:

I am hesitant buying sweaters or anything over the head or heavy, since I actually sweat more than a normal human being should and usually can’t wear such things. But given how open and loose fitting this wrap was (and pretty), I wanted to give it a shot. I am really happy I did. I love how comfy this wrap is! And the thumbholes are a plus; they look cute, but aren’t super obvious. You also can not use the thumbholes without having to fold over the sleeve in any way.

The Boolux fabric was very easily wrinkled, and it does come with some specific washing + care instructions (which I am horrible with special instructions, ’cause I’m lazy).



The size was difficult to decide. I ended up with a size 4.
For reference:
Height: 5′ 1″
Weight: 115 pounds
Age: 31
Shape: hourglass or triangle shape
Lulu Bra size: 6
My normal Lulu size for tops that aren’t loose is a 6, but in almost all loose fitting or boxy-style tops I am a size 4. In fact, I also have the Weekend Tee and the Mist Misty II in size 4 as a reference.
I tried on the size 6 as well, and I was tempted. When you turn the wrap upside down to wear it with the knot in the middle the arms felt at that moment they fit better. This is because of the way the seams are, and the fact that you are technically turning upside and putting on something that truly is more meant to be worn the original way. I think the design makes it fit best in that way, though it feels comfortable enough upside down to wear it at times.

But it looked super baggy in the 6 in the other (right-side up) position, so I bought the 4. I am really happy I did, because the 6 definitely would have been too big. The wrap stretches a bit as you wear it, and I believe you get more comfortable, and learn how to best and more easily adjust it once you start wearing it.


All in all it fits fine to me now, and I love the ability to just change up the style, and wear the sweater in different ways (though of them really only two are usable often enough). It’s also really easy to just throw on via the sleeves only when you are only slightly cold.

My favorite style is putting on a baseball hat and putting it up like a hood–it looks so cute! I don’t think I quite pull that style off, but I don’t care!

Have you purchased the Iconic Wrap? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


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